Who: Seattle Police Boat
Where: Seattle, WA
When: January 15th, 2013

For over 30 years, Kvichak Marine (pronounced Kweejack) has been recognized as a worldwide leader in the design and construction of high quality, hardworking aluminum vessels.

Kvichak vessels are on the job and meeting the rigorous demands of the sea everyday. Whether it is for patrol, search and rescue, firefighting, survey, transporting pilots, transporting passengers or general workboats– Kvichak constructs vessels that have been proven reliable and durable on any mission.

Patrol 9, Seattle’s new police boat was built by Kvichak Marine in 2012. It’s based on the USCG RB-M Response Boat and is insulated with 0.040” (1mm) of ACS Ceramic Insulation Coating (CIC) and 2” of fiberglass board insulation. Kvichak has used this package on many other boats for service around the world. The ability to cover 100% of interior plate and stiffener surfaces to eliminate condensation also eliminates the need to wrap stiffeners with conventional material, providing a significant savings.

Another detail worth noting is use by Kvichak Marine of pre-cut fiberglass board provided by West Coast Waterjet that is cut to fit the intricate flat panel dimensions of the boat. This represents a significant labor savings as well.