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Ceramic insulation coating has been on ships operating in extreme conditions around the world for over 15 years. Based on thermal insulation performance and ability to greatly reduce or prevent condensation, ceramic-based coating is used as stand-alone insulation and combined with traditional materials. Shipyard fabrication timelines are reduced by 12-15 days based on faster spray application compared to traditional material installation requirements. Non-flammable spray insulation can be applied while steel cutting and welding are still in progress resulting in faster overall production schedules and lower cost.

Marine Value Propositions

  1. Controls condensation and keeps spaces dry. Traditional materials do not.
  2. Keeps traditional insulation dry and allows them to insulate.
  3. Installs faster than traditional materials so ships leave the yard faster.
  4. Costs less than traditional materials.
  5. Works as primary insulation or improves traditional material performance.