Who: Del Monte Foods
Where: Hanford, Californa:
When: May, 2016

Del Monte Foods, Hanford, California, CIC on Rotary Sterilizers = 25% Energy Savings

Del Monte Foods verified energy savings for insulating canning equipment with ceramic insulation coating (CIC) on rotary sterilizers several years ago. Mr. Bill Riker, Energy Engineer, tested CIC’s energy efficiency by applying ceramic coating on one of two side-by-side 6” (240mm) steam lines supplying steam to rotary sterilizers at a Del Monte Foods Plant.

Steam traps were placed on the front and back of each steam line to collect condensate that was then cooled in condensing coils to convert the condensate to water. The water volumes were compared and showed a 25% difference. That 25% steam condensate volume means it costs 25% less to produce steam on canning equipment insulated with CIC.

Based on this preliminary test, Del Monte Foods tested CIC application on a individual rotary sterilizer (canning machine) at Hanford, California. Based on results, Hanford now plans to insulate their remaining equipment with CIC. Based on results, their use of CIC is also eligible for a energy rebate from local gas supplier, Sempra Energy.

Stanislaus Foods in Modesto, CA and ConAgra Foods in Oakdale, CA also received energy rebates for insulating rotary sterilizers with ceramic insulation coating. Both plants insulated all their canning machines with CIC several years ago and reportedly received 25% energy rebates from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Both plants also used CIC to insulate new machines installed in 2016. This indicates both plants paid for their new equipment with energy savings by insulating with CIC.